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Undertsanding Hair Loss

By knowing and understanding the systematic hair cycle, it will be an easy task to tackle the root of your hair problem.  More than 95% of men and women who experience the symptom of hair loss and gradual thinning have been misdiagnosed and therefore gone through a trial and error solution without a proven results.

Learn the symptom and get the right treatment for your hair problem here.


Generation-2 Topical Anti-Androgen

Strong Enough For Men, Safe For Women.  MezogenRX is the second generation of hair loss treatment that works both on men and women effectively, without any side effects.  Its topical application of the combined anti-androgenic and follicular steroid formula has been certified and approved by the most stringent FDA body and now is available worldwide.

MezogenRX is the one and only hair loss treatment that works on both men and women.

Get Real Results in 90 days

Hair growth is a gradual process regulated by an internal body metabolism.  It takes a split second to lose a hair and at least three months to grow another one.  If you are experiencing a gradual thinning and are serious of recovering, please know that your follicle will have to undergo a 90 day period of catagen and telogen cycle before hitting the growing phase or anagen cycle.


Once your hair cycle stabilizes, the growth of majority of your hair will be unsurpassable and unstoppable.  Nothing is better than having a normal phase of anagen where hair grows autonomously to the full length of its cycle.

Stop immediately the old ways of trial and error.  It will not get you the results you desire and it might even worsen the condition of your thinning.  MezogenRX will deliver the result you desire in a period as short as 90 days.  On some cases, it works even faster.  Start identifying the cause of your hair loss, and the sooner you embark on the right treatment the faster you get results.

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